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Diving deep into the pathophysiology of disease processes and their healing mechanisms, over time we realized that there is much more than science that is responsible for ‘triumph over diseases’. In over a decade and a half of our obsessive involvement with our patients, we made the observation that the same treatments offered to patients with the same diseases are never guaranteed by the same successes and failures. Therefore, when we were zeroing in on the titles to name our hospital, we wanted something beyond what scientific theories and experiments can explain. That was when the ‘Healing Touch’ struck us and we became a fan of the term.

Our efforts for looking for better titles than this were in vain and thus came ‘The Healing Touch Hospital’ into existence from May 2011. We offer much more than medical treatments to our patients here. We offer medical treatments with dedication, respecting ethics that is so very integral to the art and science of medicine, starting our day with a prayer to the almighty that we succeed in our endeavors to heal the problems that our patients come to us with. Treating a disease is much different than treating a patient and that our experience has taught us. Over the training period that spanned almost a decade and a half closely watching our teachers and friends practicing medicine, we identified the myopic view of many who overlooked the emotional, financial, social and religious sentiments of patients, just concentrating upon treating the disease processes, often being insensitive to such attributes that too have a critical bearing on the overall success of treatments offered to them.

Here at the Healing Touch Hospital, we have forbidden ourselves from any form of experimentation, leaving that to the researchers working in animal labs. We offer unadulterated contemporary treatment as laid down in the guidelines for that particular disease the world over.

We not only practice the science of medicine but we practice it artistically, taking it to be an art too. We are overtly sensitive to ‘pain’ of our patients, somatic (conventional) and emotional, and we are intolerant to our staff that overlooks this important aspect of patients’ complaints.Living in this wonderful era of availability of a spectrum of pain alleviating strategies, a doctor who causes pain to his patients is not actually worth his name and title.

With these introductory guidelines that we follow here,
we introduce ourselves for your trial,
Kanwal Jeet Singh
Nivedita Singh