Painless Delivery

Painless Delivery

Pregnancy is a wonderful phenomenon and the most cherished experience in a woman’s life. During the forty weeks of pregnancy, everyone around her pampers her and her welfare is of utmost concern. Yet, apart from the excitement and anticipation, there is also a fair share of anxiety and apprehension regarding the delivery itself and the pain that is often associated with it.

Healing Touch Hospital brings to every anxious expectant mother a painless delivery system, an advancement in pain management during labor, ensuring a comfortable delivery. During this procedure, regional anaesthesia is administered near the spinal cord when the patient is in active labour. It numbs the body below the waist, but the movements are not impaired. It can be given as a single injection or in multiple doses through a special epidural catheter by a skilled anaesthetist.


  • Almost complete relief from pain

  • Mobility unimpaired

  • No postpartum headache unlike in spinal anaesthesia

  • Mother alert, conscious throughout labour

  • Can perform instrumental delivery with same anaesthesia, if need be

  • Effect can be topped up using epidural catheter if patient needs C-section delivery